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Scenes From A Small Town In Maine

by Kurt Gunn

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The Writer 03:39
The writer starts to feel it On the 295 outside of Portland Will it still be there on the hill? Staring down upon that town where he left it All those years ago Once when he was young He can close his eyes, and still be there Heart beating strong with fear He can hear that rope still swaying See the old man’s dying stare And all it’s evil Can he write this out of him? Is evil born, or become? So the writer holds this fear Like a mother holds her baby Like a rhythm holds a song Because it’s needed. So why has it brought him here?
The Girl 02:44
Susan, the girl in the yellow dress Susan, lying on a blanket in the park Oh Susan, book left open with it’s cracked spine Susan, September found you fine Don’t go in that house on the hill Cause there’s a bad man waiting, there’s a bad thing there And if I could have been there that day Things would be different, but you went your own way Susan, down cellar she waits for me Susan, supine in her dress so fine With skin like milk is white Lips parted red as wine… Oh Susan
The Boy 02:41
There in the window Floating in space Nails on the glass White on the face And is this a dream? Pinch me awake Lift up the sash Invite it into this place Move cross the floor Undo up the latch Dead of this night The child thing laughs Hands reaching out Lips part to kiss Do something now Before I become his That thing on the floor A symbol faith of it Raise it up now Shake yourself awake I’m dreaming for sure Cause this can’t be real I need to kill That thing on the hill
The Teacher 02:47
The teacher reads his books at night To ease his worried mind There’s something going on up there There’s something here inside Cause he knows the sounds of his house And every noise that it makes An invitation is what they need An invitation he gave Quietly up the stairs, avoiding certain treads Quietly to the door, a hand up to his chest…Oh my God The teacher makes the sign of the cross Falling back on the wall The deathly guest upon him now Floating cross the floor I revoke now all that I gave I offer you no more I will see you sleep with the dead Teacher that’s for sure Teacher, sleep with the dead…
The Preacher 03:05
Father, something’s wrong We need your faith, we need your cloth Father, something’s come Through this place they rise and walk Shaman, throw down your cross And face the thing you fear the most Preacher, your faith is weak Your God has left, now face this beast Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come thy will be done Christ what is this taste As we forgive those who trespass against us Lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil, all this evil I must now leave this place…
The Town 02:32
Listen to the party lines hum High above the thin granite ground Until the Sun goes down on the town Resting lifeless up on the hill That mad silhouette a black hole standing still Till underneath the town falls to sleep And then it wakes from its silent spell They’ll be nightmares to keep The towns going to keep them well Listen for the break of the day You once were early to rise Now take to sleeping late The entity of your dreams You’d swear on your life was all but reality All you feel is the pain when you wake There’s something dark in this place? It doesn’t feel right, all the locked tight shudders and shades Listen for the party lines hum But there’s nothing left to hear The Town is gone…
The Beast 02:43
And you may find a little beast in all of us Once for all, now just waits for you So you play it’s twisted game of cat and mouse Where the stakes are the highest of your life Until you find, where it hides It waits for you; the sun is sinking like a stone So with hast, you must roam From house to house, the sun is sinking with your hope And you may find the beast it rests in all of us Buried deep in places cold and alone And all that’s left is the hate you feel for all of this And in your hate lays a comfort that feels like home So you must find, where it hides It waits for you; the sun is sinking like a stone So with hast, now you roam From east to west, the sun is sinking with your hope
Los Zapatos 02:37
So this is the end, they got the town One by one, they took ‘em down There’s just us two, we’re all that’s left To drive the stakes through, and clean up the mess And I’ll go up on that hill, and I’ll burn that place down And drive away, to Los Zapatos So come now here boy, and I’ll be your dad You’ll stay with me, we’ll do what we can We’ll see this thing through, bad as it is And when it’s all done, we’ll find some rest So let’s go up there now, and burn that place down Then drive away, to Los Zapatos Los Zapatos


Scenes From A Small Town In Maine is a 'Concept Album'...remember those?

This album is about the book, 'Salem's Lot' by author Stephen King. Each track deals with a particular 'Scene' from the novel. Those who are not familiar with the book here is a little sum up:

The book follows a writer named Ben as he returns to Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine where he spent part of his childhood.
Ben travels back there to write a story about a mysterious old mansion in the small town. It’s a spooky old Victorian home where a gangster killed himself and his wife.

The writer makes friends with a high school teacher, falls for a local girl, but soon realizes something much more evil than he expected is present. Vampires put the town under siege, and Ben tries to rally people to fight back as more and more victims are claimed.
It’s a classic tale of good battling evil.


released September 22, 2015

Produced Engineered Mixed and Mastered by Paul Hanna
All songs by Kurt Gunn

Kurt Gunn- Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Paul Hanna- Atmospheric Enhancements, Piano


all rights reserved



Kurt Gunn De Pere, Wisconsin

A pure songwriter, equally informed and introspective. A talented guitarist and composer, from a climate that compels musicians to devote compassion to their craft. From solo performer to bandleader, with a style alternately whimsical and weighted, Gunn’s range will draw you in and keep you in his crosshairs. ... more

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